July 14, 2015


Q: What is a street newspaper?
A: A street newspaper is a publication that focuses on homelessness and poverty and is distributed solely on the streets by independently contracted homeless vendors who keep the profit from the papers they sell.

Q: What is a vendor?
A: For the purposes here, a “vendor” is a currently or formerly homeless person who sells The Bridge in the Greater Memphis Area.

Q: Who are vendors for The Bridge
A: Our organization interviews, trains, and certifies people with experiences of homelessness to be vendors of this newspaper.

Q: How often is The Bridge published?
A: The Bridge is a monthly publication. New issues are distributed the first Thursday of every month.

Q: How many vendors do you have?
A: We have about 50 active vendors per month.

Q: What is your circulation? 
AThe Bridge has an average monthly circulation of 5,000 copies.

Q: How does vendor training work?
A: At distribution/training sessions, we train potential vendors in professional selling practices. We also give them the chance to practice selling in a live environment. New vendors sign an independent contractor agreement certifying them as vendors of The Bridge.

Q: What are your advertising/sponsorship rates?
A: Please contact our team at info@thememphisbridge.com with questions.

Q: What happens to the money I give the newspaper vendor?
A: The money you use to purchase your issue of The Bridge, plus any tips, remains with the vendor. They keep 100% of the profit of the sale.

Q: What do the vendors do with their income? Does The Bridge oversee their spending?
A: The ways that vendors spend their income are as diverse as the many ways any hardworking adult person spends his or her salary. However, we’ve found that our most hardworking vendors use the money for food, housing, and to buy more papers to keep reinvesting in themselves.

Q: How do I send The Bridge a donation?
A: You can donate with a credit card via PayPal or send a check to The Bridge, 2000 N Parkway, Box 2238, Memphis, TN 38112.

Q: Why would I donate to The Bridge directly?
A: The Bridge is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and depends on individual donations to continue printing the paper and providing a source of income for our growing number of currently and formerly homeless vendors.

Q: Does the money I give a vendor go to The Bridge?
A: All money received by the vendor stays with them. They purchase papers up front from us for 25¢ each and resell them on public sidewalks for $1. They keep all of the profit.