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“Waving Man”: The John Martin Story

This post was written by the beloved Bridge vendor Ponytail Bob in November of 2014: Greetings friends, This morning, I was spending some time in the Main Library on Poplar Ave. I was doing some research for a story I’m working on when I began reflecting on a time from my past when I lived

From New Orleans to Memphis: The Importance of Being KK Slatten

Katherine “KK” Slatten is a sophomore psychology major and music minor that has been volunteering with The Bridge since the first semester of her freshman year. In almost three semesters with The Bridge, she has shown her passion and dedication in an amazing variety of ways. Her main role is with distribution, in which she is

A Spotlight on Storefront Selling

If there’s one thing we at The Bridge love, it’s being part of the fabulous community in our home city. We are always looking for ways to help enrich and make bonds in that community. As we grow, we’re also looking for ways to increase our outreach that benefits the vendors who sell the magazine.

Under One Roof

“Bridging the gap between homeless and sheltered.” You’ve seen the phrase on our front page, our Twitter, and in many of our articles. As an organization committed to helping men and women break the cycle of homelessness, The Bridge strives to provide sustainable income so that people who have experienced homelessness can transition back into mainstream

Vendor Spotlight: Ponytail Bob

His name is Bob Clyburn, but most Memphians know him as Ponytail Bob. Ponytail Bob is a familiar face around these parts; if he walked past you on the street you’d probably recognize the long white ponytail accompanied by a wide smile. Bob was born and raised in Memphis, but spent many years traveling and

Editor, and so much more: Introducing The Bridge’s new Editor-in-Chief, Nicole Huguley

There’s perhaps no position on staff that holds as much prestige in its title as Editor-in-Chief. Within the newspaper world and beyond, Editor-in-Chief is synonymous with power, responsibility, control, and yes, all-nighters. This May, the first student Editor-in-Chief of The Bridge, Chloe Bryan, stepped down to pursue post-graduation plans, and rising senior English major, Nicole

Happy One Year, The Bridge!