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Happy One Year, The Bridge!

Bill Piacesi: Focusing on a Better Memphis One Photo at a Time

Recently, our newspaper distribution space at St. Mary’s Cathedral has looked more like a professional photo shoot than a casual paper collection area. A backdrop hangs in the corner with lights arranged at its edges, welcoming vendors to stand in front of the camera and simply be themselves. A few curious people approach it each

Executive Meetings, aka, Why College Kids Run The Bridge

In the same month The Bridge received its 501c3 certification, ran its first donation campaign, and designed the first official staff t-shirt, we had our first executive board meeting. We gathered around a stoic mahogany table on a Wednesday evening. Each department reported on their specific accomplishments, goals, and setbacks for  last issue, and began

Volunteer Spotlight: Monique Hagler

Monique Hagler is a girl on a mission. She’s kind, professional, and one of The Bridge’s best: not only does she oversee paper distribution and vendor training sessions every Thursday at St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, but she also manages the art and photography features in the paper, acts as Secretary of the Board, and is

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy A Paper Today

You might need something to read between commercials during your Super Bowl party tonight. Plus, having a copy of The Bridge on your coffee table will grant you even more respect than your team winning. All the cool kids are doing it. We have proof. When you buy a paper, you’re helping an overlooked group

Home Sweet Home

Since first becoming involved with The Bridge five months ago, I’ve found a great deal of awe in the organization, not only for its meaningful mission but also for its unconventional resourcefulness. Many readers are unaware that The Bridge, a team of over 100 people who produce and sell a newspaper in the fight against

Delores Washington: Homeless Vendor Turned Published Poet

Over the last few months, Delores Washington’s name has rolled softly from the lips of Bridge members like a personal pride, our poet. Her work, which can be found in nearly every edition, has captivated its readers since her debut, and has developed somewhat of a cult-following amongst our largest supporters. In many ways, her