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Aspire Intern Journal: Entry 4

In spite of the large number of currently and formerly homeless vendors The Bridge trains, the sense of community fostered by The Bridge is inescapable, especially at distribution. Distribution, which happens every Thursday from 2-4 at St. Mary’s Episcopal, is when the vendors come to buy papers, get their badges made, or even just to

Aspire Intern Journal: Entry 3

One element that one needs when working with The Bridge: determination. The Bridge is always giving a helping hand to those in need of it – just for showing up at training and distribution, the vendors get free papers. But The Bridge isn’t a one-time thing. If the vendors really want to reach the higher

Aspire Intern Journal: Entry 2

Week two with The Bridge has been amazing! I am constantly meeting with so many people. This past Wednesday, I met with Aaron Banks, who serves as Co-Executive Director, Accounting Chair, and Homeless Content Editor for The Bridge. Our interaction this week was related to the latter of the three. I followed Aaron to his

Aspire Intern Journal: Entry 1

Hi, my name is Tinasri Yusuf. I was born here in Memphis, TN and am a high school student who is going to be a junior in the fall. I have two little brothers and two little sisters, which makes our house very lively. My mom and dad were both born in Ethiopia, but have

Editor, and so much more: Introducing The Bridge’s new Editor-in-Chief, Nicole Huguley

There’s perhaps no position on staff that holds as much prestige in its title as Editor-in-Chief. Within the newspaper world and beyond, Editor-in-Chief is synonymous with power, responsibility, control, and yes, all-nighters. This May, the first student Editor-in-Chief of The Bridge, Chloe Bryan, stepped down to pursue post-graduation plans, and rising senior English major, Nicole

Happy One Year, The Bridge!

Bill Piacesi: Focusing on a Better Memphis One Photo at a Time

Recently, our newspaper distribution space at St. Mary’s Cathedral has looked more like a professional photo shoot than a casual paper collection area. A backdrop hangs in the corner with lights arranged at its edges, welcoming vendors to stand in front of the camera and simply be themselves. A few curious people approach it each